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Research Fields


After seeking official advice from ASEM members, the Center is intended to carry out cooperation projects in the following prior research areas, which is based on voluntary and equal participation, mutual benefits and resources available of the participants. At its early stage, priorities will be chosen based on the principles as follows: with common challenges, under urgent needs, with cooperative basis, easy to reach consensus instead of conflicts. The Center will also seek suggestions and comments from ASEM members to identify new cooperation priorities in the coming years.
Research priorities may include:
Correlation/coupling between forest in basin and water resources, and water resources distribution and regulation;
 Water demand assessment of typical watershed ecosystem and efficient water utilization technologies;
  Evaluation of the functions of wetland in ecosystem and restoration techniques of degraded wetlands;
  Waste water treatment techniques of constructed wetlands;
  Cause and mechanism of flood and drought as well as disaster mitigation technologies;
  Strategies for water resources protection, conservation, development and utilization;
  Assessment framework and eco-compensation mechanism of water resources;
  Sustainable water use in the process of urbanization;
  Water resources and global change, etc.