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Sino-German: Research on Urban Household Waste Water Treatment Technology and Water Pollution Management in Small-and-Medium-Sized Cities

Project Background 
In terms of current situations concerning serious pollution, low treatment rate, lack of treatment techniques and low management level of domestic sewage in China’s small-and-medium-sized cities and towns, China and Germany have jointly conducted the research.
Project Objectives
This project aims to introduce German advanced technology, equipment and software in design, to form new techniques for urban household waste water treatment in project area, and reduce treatment cost simultaneously.
Project Partners
Hunan Research Academy of Environmental Sciences;
Carl Duisberg Co. Ltd., Germany
Project Implementation
This project plans to complete in two years (2005-2007), undertaking simultaneously in Hunan Province and Hessen in Germany. The project introduced the advanced German technology, equipment, and design soft (ATV-DVWK-A131) to China, made research on the operation pattern of modern waste water treatment plant, charge system of waste water pollution, and economic feasibility of investment in waste water treatment plant, together with technical staff training.
Project Achievements
German advanced technology, equipment and designing soft are introduced. with project targets realized by designing new treatment technologies applicable in China’s small-and-medium-sized cities and towns.