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Sino-Italy: Practical Controlling Techniques for China’s Lake Eutrophication

Project Background

Though the present rapid urbanization process has led to China’s urban development, it has caused encroachment and damage of lakeside wetland, and has created discharge of numerous household and agriculture nutrients. Most of Chinese Lakes are facing the Eutrophication problems, especially in developed regions. As the drinking water, Lake Eutrophication leads to constant degeneration of water quality and threatens drinking water safety. Therefore, eutrophication control relates to pollution source control, lake basins management, city and industry planning, and lake ecological recovery, etc, which is a complex systemic project. It’s well known that frequently emerging problem of lake Eutrophication happened in Italy 30 years ago. Thus in EU framework, Italy carried out a series of Eutrophication protection project in many lakes (Venice lagoon, Lake Garda, Lake Varese), and good results achieved by the usage of “Lake Integrate management” methodology. In 2010, the Project “Sino-Italy Environmental Protection Cooperation – Best  Practical Controlling Techniques for China’s Lake Eutrophication” was lauched in the Dongting Lake, identifying the Southern lake (part of the Dongting Lake) as the demonstrate area, and implementing research on best practical controlling techniques of Lake Eutrophication.for curbing its deterioration.
Project Objectives
The project is oriented to providing specific guidelines and scientific tools for China’s Lake Eutrophication protection and offering recovery measures similar to water pollution control. And the project has brought dynamic monitoring to the Dongting lake through Data Acquisition and Monitoring System (SCADA), and carried out both the grading evaluation for priority actions and cost-benefit analysis to present pollution control facilities as well as projects. Besides, it also has given technical support to the Dongting Lake Eutrophication integrated protection.
Project Partners
Foreign Partners: Ministry of National Environment and Ocean resource of Italy, Italy SGI Company;
Project Organizer: Ministry of Environmental Protection of P. R. China, Environmental Protection Department of Hunan;
Project Chairing institute: Hunan Research Academy of Environmental Sciences;
Project Participants: Hunan Environmental Monitoring Center, Environment Protection Bureau of Yueyang City, Ecological Monitoring Centre of the Dongting Lake of Hunan Province.
Project Implementation
Demonstration area selection, data collection and database creation; SCADA design and implementation; Water quality monitoring and water quality modeling; Eutrophication Protection and cost-benefit evaluation in demonstrated area; Design, demonstration and promotion of water environment restoration as well as the management planning guideline in demonstated area of the Dongting Lake.
Project Achievements
A. Research report of SCADA system application of Eutrophication control in the Dongting Lake, which includes two progressive reports: a. report for both constant water quality monitoring situation and water quality modeling; b. Cost-benefit analysis report and Action Plan for Eutrophication protection.
B. Project demonstrated in the Yueyang Southern lake has set up 2 automatic water quality monitoring stations with SCADA system monitoring techniques incorporated, and has formulated best practical technique Eutrophication restoration and management of the Southern Lake.