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Key Technology Integration of Biologically Intensified Treatment of Waste Water by Enzyme and Project Demonstration in Villages of the Dongting Lake Basin

Project Background

In recent years, with all-around development of Chinese socio-economy, the waste water treatment project with large size has been built in vast rural areas. However, because of lack of relevant infrastructures, efficiency of water treatment is very low. At present, Non-point source pollution is regarded as the initiator of TN and TP in Dongting Lake area. It is reported that about 22.0 thousand tons of TN and 4.1 thousand tons of TP are put into the lake each year, accounting for 82.7% of total TN and 97.3% of total TP respectively. As runoff into the lake is reduced and the water exchange period is then prolonged, the trend of eutrophication has become increasingly serious especially after the construction of Three Gorges Dam. With the characteristic of one-time investment with low expense and low cost in operation and maintenance, dispersed wastewater treatment system could make full use of current financial resources to treat pollutants in different area and at different stage. So it is a practical choice for villages around the Dongting Lake basin to solve the problem of waste water treatment in an economic and sustainable way.
Project Objectives
This project aims to: introduce and digest and absorb advanced dispersed wastewater treatment facilities (WA-MINI) and efficient technology for controlling de-nitrogen and de-phosphor process by wetland; develop dispersed wastewater treatment facilities plus integrated key technology of constructed wetland based on biological intensified enzyme; develop dispersed wastewater treatment facilities based on biological intensified enzyme for construction of wetland system with high accumulative enzyme.
Project Partners
Hunan University and Hunan Academy of Forestry are Chinese partners, and foreign partner is University Hannover of Germany.
Project Implementation
The foreign party provides equipment and related technology and entrust experts for instructions. Meanwhile, Hunan University and Hunan Academy of Forestry have obligation to introduce equipment and assimilate technology, responsible for innovative researches on self-design of integrated system, key equipment process, new materials application and system control; and to construct demonstration project in project area.