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Sino-German Afforestation Project around Dongting Lake

Project Background

The Sino-German Afforestation Project in Dongting Lake, Hunan, was designed and implemented under the framework of the Project ‘Establishing Protection Forest System in Yangtze River. The total investment of this project was 101.5 million RMB, two thirds of which, about 68 million RMB, was funded by the German government through European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) according to the Sino-German Financial Cooperation Framework Agreement, and others were provided by the China.
Project Objectives
The project covered the area around the Dongting Lake, i.e. the three cities, Yueyang, Yiyang and Changde as well as other nine counties. The aim of the project was to expand the forests area around the lake and improve and enforce the role of ecological protection forest system in Dongting Lake by constructing wave protection forests outside of the river or lake embankments, forests for water conservation and soil control in the hilly land, some economic forest and courtyards forest.
Project Partners
For Chinese partner, Hunan Forestry Department and Hunan Academy of Forestry were two partners; For German partner, German government was the aid agency and the company of GITEC was the unit to implement this project.
Project Implementation
Started from 1998 to the end of 2006, the total area of forestation was 37,277 hectares according to the project plan. After checks and verification by the center of project monitoring of Hunan province and the international experts in quality monitoring, the total area of qualified forestation was 37,740.5 hectares during 1998 - 2006, in which, 152,1579 of economic plants (about 2,267.7 hectares) and 267,988 of trees (about 400 hectares) for courtyards were planted during 2002 - 2005. Besides, four lookout towers and 3,000 energy-saving stoves were constructed and 636 sets of equipment were purchased.
Project Achievements
The project has brought new thoughts highlighting the concept of “development”. This means that the project is not a pure forestry project, but also an international development project based on forestry construction. During the process of forestation, more concern has been given to the comprehensive development of economy, society, politics, culture and ecology of the rural areas as well as the sustainability of the project and more importance was attached to the effective integration of both the technological elements and socio-economic factors. In addition, there are other concepts apart from development, such as participation, community and communal forestry, concern for vulnerable groups, sustainability, biodiversity, and whole-process management. The project has also obtained great social and economic benefits.