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Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources (KIGAM) – Korea MP

In more than 80 years since its establishment as a geological survey of Korea in the early twentieth century for geological mapping and mineral resources exploration, KIGAM has grown into a comprehensive geoscience research institute covering diverse fields to meet the various social needs.

They include not only the basic studies such as geological mapping and mineral exploration, but also the applied ones such as mineral utilization, groundwater evaluation and contamination improvement to prepare against the water shortage in the future and geological disasters to minimize the loss of life and property. KIGAM also studies mining research, underground space utilization, oil and gas exploration, marine geology, geological engineering and recycling of industrial wastes. In addition, as a part of our activities for the public understanding of geoscience, we have opened the geological museum which is the first one in the field in Korea.

KIGAM will develop new technology and diversify its research fields on the basis of its previous researches to cope with the rapidly changing life and industrial circumstances and to aim for the theme of the 21st century, 'Environmental friendliness, Sustainable development and Global system'. We also will try our best to contribute to the enhancement of life quality and the development of industries.We hope contents of homepage will aid you in understanding our institute and activities.