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The Kasetsart University (KU) – Thailand MP

Kasetsart University was found in 1938. Many schools in agriculture at that time were merged into the college with emphasis on agriculture sciences.

Today Kasetsart University is a university known internationally for academic excellence and work of world standard. It is a prime mover in mustering intellectual resources to help the nation achieve sustainable development and negotiating power in the world community. It gathers wisdom and knowledge, creates and develops varied bodies of knowledge, and forms people who are intelligent, who think rationally, who behave morally, who are conscious of the common good, and who produce high standard work capable of competing in the world market. The university manages its resources efficiently, joins in the development of the community, and is responsible to society so as to serve as an important instrument in ensuring the well being and security of the country.

On water resources, Kasetsart University is a leading university in Thailand in study and research in this field. Because its mainstream is agriculture therefore irrigation and water management is on its forefront of mandates. It has a very good relationship with the government agencies working in water resources management and it has a close tie with the Department of Water Resources in studying of the Bang Pakong dialogue and water allocation.