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Vietnam Institute for Water Resources Research (VIWRR) – Vietnam MP

The VIWRR has founded in 1959 and has the following functions:
 Scientific research on water resources
 Construction and technologies transfer
 Postgraduate training
 Technical Consultancy on water resources

Sectors of scientific and technological Research are:
 River training, coastal protection, flood control and natural disaster mitigation
 Water Resources and Water Environment protection
 Irrigation, drainage, land reclamation, and water supply
 Construction, upgrading and protection of hydraulic, hydroelectric works
 Water resources Economy and Policy
 Specialized Equipment, automatization and software technologies
The institute has the total staff of 800 persons with 46 doctors and 52 masters.

The Center for Water Resources Software consists of 4 groups: Development and Application of software, GIS and Remote sensing, Automatic Control of Water Supply systems, Consultancy and Service for Information Technology
The list of project, carrying out by VIWRR:
     1) Water management by electrical pump in the red river delta, 1995-1997, funded by ACIAR
     2) Consultant works for monitoring and evaluating effect BME -The ADB2 water resources project for the red river delta, 1999-2002
     3) The Day River flood diversion and water resources development, 2001-2002, funded by Holland.
     4) Water resources measures for eliminating hunger and reducing poverty, 2001-2002, funded by IWMI
     5) Water management for irrigation systems, 1999-2003, funded by ACIAR
     6) Improvement the capacity of research institute in the water field, 2001-2004, funded by Denmark

Dr. Nguyen Van Hanh, Deputy Director of Center for Water Resources Software (IWRR), has a background in Mathematical Modeling in Water Resources, and is an expert in Integrated Flood Management. Current Research Direction: Flood and Flash Flood Control and Integrated River Basin Management

Dr. Nguyen Viet Chien is the Director of Center for Water Resources Software, IWRR. Specialised in Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology, his research interests focus on Operating system for irrigation and drainage systems

Nguyen Ngoc Bach, Ms of Hydrolory and Environment, is mainly interested in Flood and flash flood Control and Integrated River Basin Management.

Ass. Prof. Dr. Tran Dinh Hoi is the Deputy Director of IWRR. His main research area is Erosion in river and estuaries.