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Institute of tropical Technology and Environmental protection (VITTEP) – Vietnam PP

VITTEP leads major R & D activities such as Environmental quality monitoring (methodology, management and planning), Environmental impact assessment (EIA) (modelling, methodology, management, planning), Environmental strategy and planning, Environmental Pollution Control and cleaner production (methodology, management, planning), Environmental regulations and standards, Environmental training.

Main results on water issues
-      Forestry plantation in the upstream and coastal areas.
-      Reduction of pollution caused by using the chemical fertilizers and pesticides in the agriculture.
-      Treatment of waste waters discharged from craft villages and livestock farms.
-      Reduction of pollution caused by the waterway transport means.
-      Protection of the sensitive environmental
-      Areas and conservation of the biodiversity in the Sai Gon- Dong Nai basin.
-      4.1. Implementation of the environmental training and education programme in schools
-     Implementation of the environmental awareness programme for public communities.
-      Establishment of an Environmental Management Organization in the Sai Gon-Dong Nai River Basin.
-      Establishment of the environmental database and application of GIS technology, mathematical models in the environmental management.
-      Establishment of water quality monitoring system in the Sai Gon-Dong Nai River Basin.
-      Water management based on water zoning resulting from water quality modeling (for pilot Dong Nai river section – Cai river)
-      Set up and implement water resource protection regulation in pilot river section
-      Set up the united water quality monitoring network for the whole rivers in Dong Nai basin
-      Set up the mobile water quality monitoring stations

Prof. Phung Chi Sy, PhD in Environmental Science and Technology, is specialised in Environmental Planning and Management; EIA.