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UPC, Technical University of Catalonia, Spain MP

The Department of Geotechnical Engineering and Geoscience (DIT) develops research on four fields: engineering geology, geophysics, soil mechanics and groundwater hydrology. The department conducts independent research financed by national and international research grants and also applied research and project work commissioned by government bodies, industries and organisations. The groundwater hydrology group consists of 6 full time professors and over 20 additional researchers (including doctoral and post-doctoral assistants). Activities and experience in the groundwater field include: resource evaluation and management, groundwater protection, environmental hydrology and development of numerical models with special emphasis on model calibration, evaluation of uncertainty recharge estimation, and spatial  variability are also main research activities.

The Hydraulic, Maritime and Environmental Engineering Department (DEHMA) develops research on surface waters, maritime engineering and wastewater treatment. Public and private support provides financial assistance to the research projects. The Hydraulic research group consists of 6 full time professors and 10 research assistants. Working areas are urban hydrology, CSO effects on receiving waters, river engineering, thermal changes on river water due to dam constructions, and irrigation canals. Numerical and physical modelling are main activities. Experiments are conducted at the Hydraulic Laboratory and pilot catchments in urban and rural areas.

The Grupo de Gestion y Tecnología del Agua (GTA) works on socio-economic studies devoted to investment and exploitation costs, optimal management of water resources, elasticity of demand, water pricing, etc. It consists of an inter-departmental group that provides support to other departments and is financed by national and international research grants.

Prof. L. Candela (UPC-DIT) has been involved in research activities related to the study of solute transport in soils and groundwater, through integrated theoretical and experiment-based investigations in the field and in the laboratory and geostatistical simulation techniques. Recent work includes participation in EU-research projects (EV5CT93-032293-DGXI; MEDIS, BMW COST and INTERREG). Currently she was overall co-ordinator of the steering committee of the project ‘Agricultural Threats to Groundwater’ PHI-UNESCO (1996-2001) and Manager of the RTD National Programme in Water Resources (1997-2003, Spain).

Prof. M. Gómez (UPC-DEHMA) has been involved in research activities connected to urban hydrology and receiving waters and effects due to combined sewer overflows. Numerical development and monitoring of urban catchments has been one of the main subjects in the last years. Comparison of numerical modelling with hydrologic real data obtained from catchment monitoring is one of the general activities. This has been done through national research programs and EU-SPRINT and EU-EFEDA financed projects.

Prof. M Soler (UPC-GTA) has expertise in socio-economic and legal aspects (cost-benefit analysis, guarantees, etc.) of water management projects. He has participated in international projects such as ALFA, Med CAMPUS, COMETT and SAST.