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The Institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling (UK) PP

The Institute of Aquaculture is a leading international aquaculture research institution based within the University of Stirling, Scotland, U.K. The key groups within in the Institute of Aquaculture (IoA) relevant to this proposal are the Systems and Environment research groups. These groups have extensive experience of working on inter- disciplinary projects such as MAMAS, PAPUSSA, POND-LIVE, DFID – KAR funded R7123 and DFID AFGRP- funded R7064 projects. These projects approach aquatic resource management issues from a multi-disciplinary perspective forging strong linkages between technical specialists and socio-economists. These projects have enabled extensive networks with academics, NGO’s, government sector workers and policy makers to be established within Asia. They have provided excellent sources of information for shaping project intervention plans and also act as an effective and relevant means of dissemination of research findings. The projects mentioned conduct policy level stakeholder workshops to prioritise research foci and disseminate their findings and hope to increase awareness of the issues at grass roots level to effect policy level change.

David Little coordinator of the MAMAS and PAPUSSA projects, is participating to ASEMWaterNet.