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University of Cologne - Institute of Botany, Germany PP

The University of Cologne with its seven faculties offers students an enormous variety in choice and combination of courses and subjects. For a number of years now, the university has been endeavouring to take into account the radical political and technological changes which are occurring by means of expanding and developing new main inter-faculty research sectors. In addition to the biological sciences, these primarily include environmental and space research, African research, informatics, modern Sinology, the regional sciences of Latin America and European research. In 1995, in conjunction with the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science, the Faculty of Medicine founded the "Cologne University Centre of Molecular-Biological Medicine". Together with the Faculty of Economics and Social Science, the Faculty of Medicine is currently establishing the "Cologne University Institute of Health Economics, Medicine and Society".

The Institute of Botany is proposing participation in cooperation with the Center of Applied Computer Science of the University of Cologne.

Prof Wolfgang Grosse is Guest Professor of Honour by the State Key Laboratory of Freshwater Ecology and Biotechnology, Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of Science, Wuhan, Hubei, PR China (since 1998). He has been national delegate to EU-Programme COST-ACTION and Project-Co-ordination and Chair of Project-Consortium INCO-DC-Project No ERBIC18CT960059 (1996/99), INCO-DEV-Project No ICA4CT2000-50019 – International Conference at Beijing, China, in 2000, and ´Lake Fuehlingen´ project for restoration of a lake system of international importance, 1998-2003. Prof Grosse also worked as external expert for:
-      Hokkaido Government for evaluating Nature Conservation of Wetlands and National Parks in Hokkaido, Japan, for joining RAMSAR convention
-      Federal Ministry of Economic Co-operation and Development (BMZ) for Central and South America
-      the FP5 and FP6 of EC for evaluation and assessment of proposals and projects.