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University of Caen (UC), France MP

The University of Caen covers many disciplines and currently has 11 teaching and research departments (UFRs- Unité de la Formation et de la Recherche), 6 institutes, 2 University vocational institutes (IUPs- Institut Universitaire Professionnel), and a school of engineering. It is set up in 6 different locations around the town and has a current student population of over 27,000.

The University of Caen is building its future with an eye to the necessary balance between teaching and research, among all university disciplines, between how it fits in within the region and its national and international reputation.
In concertation with the State and its regional environment, it has set itself several broad directions to follow in coming years:
-      to organise a path to success for its students;
-      to develop its strong points in terms of research and postgraduate training;
-      increasingly to professionalise its training courses in order to respond to the new demands of the labour market.

The CFDG has carried out the applied researches on modelling estuarine and coastal flows, sediment and pollutant transport, flood wave propagation in a dry valleys, impacts of dam-breaking flows on down-stream valleys and etc. A lot of 2-D X/Z, X/Y and 3-D non-hydrostatic, multi-phase and sediment-transport models are developed by CFDG in the different projects concerning environment and ecosystem protection. These projects have been financially supported by the European Commission, by the CNRS and by as well as the French Regional Councils. In this project, UC will associate with IMFT (Institut de Mécanique de fluids de Toulouse), INRIA, CETMEF (Centre de Recherches et Etudes Maritimes et Fluviales), Compiègne University of Technology and AEST (a SME).

K. Dan Nguyen is participating to the ASEMWaterNet as main contributor to the erosion, flash flood and floods subnetwork.