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Tsinghua University, China MP

Tsinghua University is a top university in China. There are about 6000 faculty members, more than 10000 undergraduate and 10000 graduate students, foreign students are more than 2000 coming from different countries around the world.

The Department of Environmental Science and Engineering conducts a very strong environmental program. It is honored as number one in many aspects in environmental education and research. There are about 70 faculty members in which 15 are full professors and 25 are associate professors. Many faculty members won their Ph. D. degree abroad. There are bout 600 undergraduate students and 300 graduate students. Environmental research includes wastewater treatment, water supply, ground water management, environmental management and planning, environmental modeling, environmental chemistry, air pollution control, solid waste treatment and disposal, cleaner production, as well as cycling economy.

A national key laboratory named “Water Pollution Control Key Laboratory” is located at Tsinghua University. It is palying a leading role in many important research programs funded at the state levels. A number of milestone technologies in terms of wastewater treatment, water supply and water environment were developed in China. The research funds reach to 20 million RMB per year in recent years. Important ongoing research projects include “Development and demonstration of key technologies for nonpoint pollution control around Dianchi Lake, 24.8 million RMB funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology” "National strategy and policy for water reuse and nutrient control, funded by the Ministry of Construction”, “Planning for small and medium-size city for urbanization, funded by the Ministry of Construction”, “Key technologies for urban water environmental integration, funded by the 863 hi-tech program”, “Key technologies for safe drinking water, funded by the 863 hi-tech program”, etc. This key laboratory also is very active in international collaboration. Specifically with European countries, frequent faculty visiting, student exchanging and research collaboration are conducting. In addition, the key laboratory has helped many environmental companies from European countries in Chinese market, including training, on site demonstration of both technology and equipment, feasibility study of environmental engineering.

Xihui Zhang is Ph. D., Professor at the Department of Environmental Science and Engineering of Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. He participated in 32 research projects, with 16 projets as Principal Investigator. He published 2 books, 2 special issues, 1 book translation, and 62 research papers. He is honored as excellent faculty member, research fellowship of US National Research Council, and excellent research funds of RITE, Japan.