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Shenzhen Water Environmental Office (SZWEO), China PP

Shenzhen Water Environmental Office is an organization that is under the supervision of the Shenzhen Major directly. Shenzhen is a very famous city in China as during the past 20 years, its population grew from 20 thousands to 6 millions. Although it is prided of achievements in social and economic development, its water environment is a real problem. All the rivers that go through the city town are badly polluted. Water problems associated with many different division of city government. Two many decision levels hamper an integrated approach of problems in water environmental restoration.

The aim of setting up the Shenzhen Water Environmental Office is to integrate shenzhen water environment together and find a way for sustainable maintenance in Shenzhen city. In the past decade, more than 10 billion RMB have been invested for water environmental integration. Shenzhen river that goes to Hong Kong cross board has been reshaped, some other rivers like Guanlan river, Dashahe river, Buji river, Xinzhou river and Futian river also have been reshaped. Long distance diversion projects for water supply to both Shenzhen and Hong Kong have been finished. However, the water quality in the reshaped rivers are still very bad. The main reasons are that point and notpoint pollution sources have not been controlled effectively, and the water environment along the rivers are not improved in a scientific way.

In the nest decade, there will be another 10 billion RMB to be invested for Shenzhen water environmental restoration. The Shenzhen Water Environmental Office is to offer a new approach to improve the institutional organization of water management in consideration of human dimension, citizen acceptance, societal and ethical concerns together.