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Sustainable Water Resources Research Center (SWRRC), Korea CP

In Korea, the shortage of water is expected to start from the year 2006 in all over the nation and the social and the economical loss and confusions are concerned since 1.8 billion ㎥ of water is predicted to be short by 2011. The Demand Management, Reservoir Operation, and new development of the actual environment should be promoted in order to overcome the expected water shortage crisis in 2011. In July 2001, the "Sustainable Water Resource Research Center (SWRRC)", an independent and non-profit research coordination organisation, was established to solve the national water shortage problem.

The Sustainable Water Resources Research Center will develop technologies and institutional framework and deliver to water managers to secure additional water resources to overcome national water shortages SWRRC is managed the full-time director with administrative personnel, and carries out the System Integrating Project. Other supervising/advisory committees are Steering Committee, Technical Advisory Committee and Technology Transferring Committee.

Research Areas:
-      Integrated Management of Water Resources
-      Surface Water
-      Ground Water
-      Alternative Water Resources

Sung Kim who is part of ASEMWaterNet, is the Director of Sustainable Water Resources Research Center.