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SOGREAH is an independent private consulting and engineering company in the field of Water and the Environment (permanent staff: 750 p.). 50% of the SOGREAH’s activities are overseas, with a strong presence in Asia. SOGREAH has been working in China since 1985 and currently has 4 permanent offices in China (Beijing, Shanghaï, Canton and Chongqing) with major on-going projects in the field of water basin management and urban environment in these areas.

SOGREAH has an important R&D activity, always in close cooperation with international partners (at European level and in overseas countries). SOGREAH has been participating, as project leader or project partner, to about 30 R&D projects funded by the EU in the fields of risk management, water basin and water resources management, environmental management. SOGREAH has developed an advanced internal knowledge management network which can be opened to its network of partners on a case by case basis.

SOGREAH has already set-up solid partnerships with Chinese partners. Within this project, SOGREAH would provide access to its network of currents partners and will be interested in extending this network.

Among the relevant fields of expertise of SOGREAH, the following project deserve to be mentioned, since they are of interest for the platform:
-      two R&D projects under the 5th EU Framework R&D Programme: OSIRIS (Operational Solutions for disaster management connected with flood risks in the Information Society), lead by SOGREAH, and EUROLAKES (Environmental Management of lakes and associated water basins).
-      five recent or on-going projects in China: Guangdong Pearl River Delta urban environment project, Shanghaï urban environment project, Shanghaï real time flood forecasting system, Chongqing urban environment project, Songhua river flood and wetland management project.

In addition, SOGREAH currently is responsible for monitoring EU-funded projects in Asia, in association with other European partners.