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Rothamsted Research (UK) PP

The mission of Rothamsted Research is to be a leading provider of high quality scientific research relevant to plant-based agriculture with the objective of achieving improvements in rural and agricultural economies that are financially, environmentally and socially sustainable.

Rothamsted Research, in partnership with others as required, provides underpinning research to policy makers, farmers and academia as well as agriculture-related, food and biotechnology businesses by:
  Enhancing crop quality and production efficiency in the context of sustainability
 Developing environmentally sensitive management practices for agricultural systems and associated habitats
 Protecting soils, the food chain and the global environment
 Introducing new crops and novel products
 Conserving and utilising biodiversity
 Elevating public appreciation of science related to agriculture.

It is one of the sites of the UK Environmental Change Network having more than 100 years of multi-disciplinary (biological, economic and climatic) data.

Janet Riley is Lead biometrician at Rothamsted Research, UK, for work in developing countries on environmental indicators, participatory methods, design of small-scale on-farm experiments and multidisciplinary research impact assessment and is a Coordinating Lead Author for the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, was Natural Resources (Biometrics) Adviser to the Department for International Development (O.D.A.), from 1985-95, and leads several research projects for DfID (O.D.A.), the EU, CTA, the Rockefeller Foundation, the World Bank on strengthening research quality for multidisciplinary research including intercropping, agroforestry, pond aquaculture, small-scale on- farm research, and research impact assessment, interacting closely with scientists and producing joint publications.