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Network for Preventive Environmental Management (NetPEM), Sweden PP

Network for Preventive Environmental Management (NetPEM) is one organization that is working towards the accomplishment of Sustainable World. NetPEM is founded to promote the implementation of Preventive Environmental Management (PEM) strategies in Asia through advanced learning, better exchange of information, training, research and advisory services. NetPEM is a network of professionals and student working in the field of Preventive Environmental Management within Asia. Presently there are about 15 core group members, 35 associate members, and over 800 members of the Network from Asia and Europe. The operative secretariat of NetPEM is located at Nagpur, India

Shisher Kumra, M.Sc. in Environmental Management & Policy , is the Research Programme Coordinator of the INCO thematic network “Sustainable policies to promote water conservation technologies and procedures”. The project aimed at analysing of present policies that affect water use / abuse in Industry, rural, and Urban/ domestic sectors. The water conservation strategies and policies were looked from the point of view of - Socio-economics, ecological aspects, technological aspects and information availability and dissemination. http://www.sustainwater.com/ .