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Farewell to 2017 and welcome 2018

Writer: Time:2017-12-22

In 2017, ASEM Water Resources Research and Development Center accomplished:

1. Agreement signature

lSigned MoU with IDAEA-CSIC, Spain in Mar.;

lSigned MoU with Czech Water Association in Sep.;

lSigned MoU with ASEM Cooperation Center in Science, Technology and Innovation in Nov.

2. High-level visits

lReception of over 40 governmental officials, experts and researchers from Japan, France, Switzerland, Thailand, Canada, and etc.;

lAttended “ASEM Symposium on Inter-Regional Partnership for Sustainable Development” sponsored by Thailand government in May.;

lVisited Czech, Denmark and Iceland for exchanges and communications in Sep.;

lAttended “6th ASEM Seminar on Water Resources Management and Sustainable Development——Integrated Water Resources Management for Sustainable Development” sponsored by Laos government in Oct.

3. Held (Sponsored) International Conferences

lHeld “2017 International Seminar on Environmental Science and Technology” in Shanghai, China in May.;

lSponsored “2nd China-Denmark International Forum about Ecological Restoration of Urban-rural Water System and Sponge City Construction” in Chengdu, Sichuan Province of China in Oct. ;

lOrganized “2017 Working Meeting and Dongting Lake-Wetland Summit of Strategic Alliance of Dongting Lake Ecological Research” in Changsha, Hunan Province of China in Nov.;

lSponsored “7th China Lake Forum” in Yueyang, Hunan Province of China in Nov.

4. Joint Research Promotion

lPromoted JICA Project “Improvement on Rural Water Environment of Dongting Lake” with Japan;

lPromoted “ATIM-Hunan” Project with France;

lPromoted “Research on Ecological Restoration and Regulatory Technology of Typical Pollutant to the Water Body of Southern China Lakes” Project with Singapore;

lDeclared “CHINEKA Project”, the Sino-Spain intergovernmental S&T project “Characterization and Waste Water TreatmentPilot Plant Development and Reuse for an Integrated Water Resources Management”.

5. Thematic Training

lHeld “2017 International Training Workshop on Technologies and Construction Management of Water Conservancy and Hydropower Projects” in May. ;

lHeld “Environmental Education Trainer” special training in Aug.;

lHeld “Empty Bottle”, a charitable creativity contest in Sep.;

lHeld “2017 Water Source Protector Plan” course training in Oct.

6. Capacity Building Strengthening

lPromoted the modification of portal website (Chinese and English versions);

lInitiated the mobile terminal of website and Wechat official account.


In 2018, we are sincerely inviting you to join hands with us for (to):

1. “International Forum on Eco-remediation, Prevention and Control of Acid Mine Wastewater” in Changsha, Hunan Province of China on 27th-29th next Jun.

2. “2nd ASEM Seminar on Urban Water Management” in Budapest, Hungary on 10th-12th next Sep.

3. “Forum on Dongting-Biwa Lake Ecological Environment” in Changsha, Hunan Province of China (time is to be determined);

4. Draw up The Development Plan on ASEMWater (2018-2020) (Chinese and English versions)

5. Establish ASEMWater Council;

6. The development of human resources and capacity building, including organizing “2018 International Training Workshop on Small and Medium Hydropower Technology”, test-running English and Chinese portal website, strengthening the development of e-Newsletter and Wechat official account; 

7. The joint research, technology transfer and other cooperation between Asia and Europe, including joining in the strategic project of Horizon 2020;

8. “The 12th ASEM Summit” in Brussels next Oct.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Look forward to further cooperation in 2018!


Mr. Zhang Canming

Director of the Secretariat

ASEM Water Resources Research and Development Center