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【A Diligent Five-year Period】Constructing the Sponge City Advocated by General-secretary Xi Jinping to Better the City Not Only Externally, But More Internally.(图文)

Writer:Center Time:2017-08-10


In this April, when inspecting the ecological integrated regulation project of Nakao River in Nanning, the capital city of Guangxi Autonomous Region, General-secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that conforming to the nature and pursuing the integration between nature and human beings are the philosophy ever since ancient China, as well as the significant following for today’s modernization.

According to the requirements, the construction of “sponge city” is to break out the traditional philosophy to manage urban rainwater “with drainage as the main”. Instead, it takes buildings, roads, green land, and other urban infrastructure as carriers to absorb, store and filtrate water when raining, while “leashing” out and utilize the water stored when needed.

In order to accomplish this objective, changes are genuinely taking place in cities ever since these five years. And it is in these five years that China has determined 30 sponge city pilot projects in two batches with 606 square kilometers of areas; it is in these five years that 28 provinces and regions have printed and distributed guiding opinions to clarify how to do it, and 13 provinces have unfolded pilot projects at provincial level in 90 cities; and it is still in these five years that China has witnessed 370 cities formulating special plans on sponge city construction, involving 10200 square kilometers of areas.  


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