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【A Diligent Five-year Period】Constructing the Sponge City Advocated by General-secretary Xi Jinping to Better the City Not Only Externally, But More Internally.(图文)

Writer:Center Time:2017-08-10

As one of the sponge city pilot projects in China, Suining used to “encounter flood every time it rains”. There were 45 perennially fixed flooding sites only in the central district of the city. It was joked that the citizens could merely go out of the door for a “sea sightseeing” every time pouring. In 2005, Suining incorporated these flooding sites into the transformative scope of sponge city, with newly built drainage ditch, enlarged water amount flowing through sewage conduit, and paved permeable concrete on the road. The effect was obvious after certain transformations. On July 6th, Suining encountered a regional rainstorm which was the widest and strongest ever since this year’s flooding season. However, the used scene of water logging didn’t take place.

Li Jianning, the deputy director of the Construction Bureau in East River Bank District of Suining City said in an interview: In the past, where there was a rainstorm of 100 mm, there was likely to be a ponding or water logging. Luckily, now we have this park, the flooding risk resistance can be raised from the previous 100 mm to 140 mm.

In another city, Ningbo, the sponge city has also been embarked into a “fast track” this year, with as many as 158 projects under construction covering an area over 55% in the pilot zones. In governing, Ningbo has also adjusted measures to local conditions. The ancient county of Cicheng put protection as focus to fully embody ancient people’s philosophy of governing water. Therefore, in the new areas, where the construction is facilitated to carry out, the work can be concentrated in batches. Whereas in the old areas, where there is a problem, there is a priority for restoration. Such departments as housing and construction, water affairs, municipal administration, city management and others plan together in one blueprint, and implement step by step.

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