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New partnership for water resources research with CEH

Writer: Time:2014-10-28

ASEM Water Resources Research and Development Center and the UK’s Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH) , Last week signed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate on water resources research.

In future years scientists from the two organisations will co-operate in a number of areas, including research on limnology and lake modelling, catchment management, and remediation and restoration of degraded water bodies.

The MoU was signed by Prof Zhang Canming of ASEM and CEH Deputy Director Prof Alan Jenkins at CEH’s Headquarters site in Wallingford, UK.

While in the UK the Chinese delegation visited CEH’s research sites at Loch Leven in Scotland and Windermere in the Lake District. CEH scientists have been invited to join the ASEM consortium working on Lake Dongjiang in Hunan Province, China.

Future plans include establishment of an Asian-European water resources research network with the aim of improving human health and well-being and addressing common concerns of technology problems related to water utilisation and management, water environmental governance, and water ecological security.

Prof Alan Jenkins, CEH and Prof Zhang Canming, ASEM after signing the Memorandum of Understanding