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Spotlight on Water and Jobs

Writer: Time:2014-06-05


16.05.2014 - In May, UN-Water's 31 Members and 36 international Partners were invited to the International Labour Organization in Geneva  for the first workshop dedicated to the 2016 World Water Development Report: 'Water and Jobs'.

The annual World Water Development Reports focus on a strategic water issues. UN-Water Members and Partners - all experts in their fields - contribute with latest findings on a specific theme. For the 2016 report, the World Water Assessment Programme, that coordinates the production of the report, convened a two day workshop together with the International Labour Organization, the lead contributor. What are the issues, challenges, solutions?

What does water mean to jobs and what jobs mean to water?
These were some of the questions discussed when considering the structure of the report,  story line and main messages that led to the development of an annotated table of contents.

The 2016 World Water Development Report will be published on World Water Day 22 March 2016. More information