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PPT download(ASEM Seminar on Sustainable Management of Water Resources in the Context of Urbanization)

Writer: Time:2014-05-27


On May 22, the ASEM Seminar on Sustainable Management of Water Resources in the Context of Urbanization was held in Changsha.   experts from 18 ASEM member countries' organizations made brilliant research report centering on four major subjects including Policy Innovation in Water Management in the Process of Urbanization, Aquatic Eco-system-oriented Urban Planning ,Water Technology Innovation and Application and Case Study & Networking.  

Pls refer to the follow link for the PPT download:

1. Ensuring Urban Water Security through Better Understanding of the Water-energy-food Nexus by Mr. Josh Weinberg, Programme Manager, Stockholm International Water Institute, Sweden

2. The Policy Innovation in Water Management in the Process of Urbanization by Mr. Chaiporn Siripornpibul, Deputy Director General, Department of Water Resources, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Thailand

3. Global Management of Water Resources by Prof. Alistair Borthwick, Chair of Applied Hydrodynamics, University of Edinburgh (previously Professor of Engineer Science, University of Oxford), UK
4. Groundwater Management in Urban Area by Ms. Nathalie Dorfliger, Directrice/Head of the Water, Environment & Ecotechnology Division, BRGM, French Geological Survey, France
5. Water, Climate Change and Urbanization in Cambodia–Opportunity and Challenges by Mr. Meas Sophal, Deputy Director General, Department of Administration for Nature Conservation and Protection of the Ministry of Environment, Cambodia
6.Impact of Urbanization on Water Flow Regimes and Quality by Dr. Tanya Alexandra Warnaars, Senior Scientific Project Manager, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology & Knowledge Exchange Fellow, Natural Environment Research Council, UK
7. Laos Urban Water Supply and Sanitation/ Development Model by Mr. Phomma Veoravanh, Deputy General Director, Department of Housing and Urban Planning, Ministry of Public Works and Transport, Laos
8. Challenges and Strategies of Waterfront Sustainable Development in China by Mr. Zhao Zhiyong, Associate, Arup International Consultants (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
9. Water and Wastewater Infrastructure—A Challenge for Romania by Ms. Carmen Neagu, Senior Adviser, Department for Waters, Forests and Fisheries, Ministry of Environment and Climate Change of Romania, Romania
10. Appropriate Loss Management: Experience of Budapest by Mr. Karoly Kovacs, President of Hungarian Water Cluster, Hungary
11. Drinking Water Safety and Advanced Analytical Technology by Prof. Yang Zhaoguang, Director, Environment and Water Resource Research Centre, Central South University, China
12. Constructed Wetlands and Sanitation: Field Returns from DREAM Members by Mr. Daniel Villessot, President, DREAM, France
13. Treatment of Heavy Metal Pollution in Xiangjiang Basin by Prof. Chai Liyuan, Director, National Engineering Technology Research Center of Heavy Mental Pollution Protection and Control, China
 14. Integrated Watershed Hydrological, Hydrodynamic and Water Quality Modelling by Mr. Yang Zhenxiang, Scientific Director, WSP Group (Hong Kong), UK
15. Sewage Treatment of Heavy Mental Pollution by Prof. Li Xiaoming, Member of Work Group of European Innovation Partnership on Water and Hunan University, China
16. Bio-pedo-depuration of Wastewater-A Pedological Approach by Prof. Giuseppe Corti, Marche Polytechnic University, Italy
17. Remineralization of Desalinated Seawater-Its Impact on Water Quality and Distribution Pipeline by Ms. Hu Jiangyong, Professor, National University of Singapore, Singapore
18. Successful Water Cooperation Modalities: Bridging Academia, Government, Private Sector by Mr. Gaetano Casale, Liaison Office Manager, UNESCO-IHE
19. Integrated Water Resources Management in Korea by Mr. Cha Kee-uk, Director General of K-water Corporation, Korea
20. Upstream-Downstream Water Quality Monitoring in Brantas River Basin, Indonesia by Mr. Syamasul Bachri, Board of Director, Jasa Tirta I Public Corporation, Indonesia
21. Policy Responses and Strategy to Address Sustainable Water Development in Wake of Rapid Rural to Urban Migration in City Centers-case of Pakistan by Mr. Pervaiz Amir, Senior Economist, Asianics Agro-Dev International (Pvt) Ltd., Pakistan
22. Development of Urban Planning and Landscaping for Sustainable Drainage Systems by Prof. Carolyn Roberts, Chair of the Environmental Sustainability Knowledge Transfer Network/Chair of the Society for the Environment & Professor of Environment, Gresham College, UK
23. Water in Industries-Increase Efficiency and Manage Risk by Mr. Andreas Hauser, Director, Water Services Division of TUV SUD, Germany
24. Hunan Water: Challenges, Priorities & Demands by Prof. Wu Xiaofu, Vice Chairman of the Academic and Development Committee of ASEM Water Resources Research and Development Center/Professor of Central South University of Forestry and Technology, China