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Asia-Europe Urban Water Forum was Held in Hunan

Writer: Time:2013-11-05





On November, 1st, 2013, Asia-Europe Urban Water Forum was held in Changsha, Hunan. As a sub-forum under the Eighth China Urban Water Development Seminar sponsored by Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of PRC, Ministry of Environmental Protection and People’s Government of Hunan Province, it was sponsored by ASEMWATER. Mr.He Xiuming, the vice general director of Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Department gave a welcome speech. Mr.Xiao Xuekui the director of ASEMWATER Secretariat Office served as the host and water experts from UK, Germany, Hungary and about 70 representatives from colleges, institutes and enterprises attended this forum.

Mr.He Xiuming mentioned in his speech that the rapid development of urbanization made a series of water resource conflicts acute, such as urban water prevention and treatment, drinking water security, water supply and drainage and rainwater utilization, which posed unprecedented challenge for us in the water environment protection. Hunan Science and Technology Department as the major player of international S&T cooperation between Hunan and other countries supports and promotes the cooperative research and industrial technological transformation with European countries, such as Germany, UK, Hungary and France. In order to accelerate the urban water development, he gave some advices. Firstly, to strengthen the communication and cooperation on new urbanization and research of policies, measures and strategies of water resource sustainable development, and make full use of water resource, so as to achieve the urban water eco-environment protection and coordinated and sustainable economic development. Secondly, to enhance the communication and cooperation in urban water management innovation, planning, pipeline operation and maintenance, sewage treatment, eco-landscape and urban flood prevention, and promote the new urbanization and water sustainable development. Thirdly, to accelerate the technological research and cooperation in environmental treatment of villages and towns, prevention and control of non-point source pollution, disaster reduction and prevention, and support the development of environmental-protection agriculture and development of eco-village.

Urban water experts from UK, Germany, Hungary and China gave speeches from the perspective of major research, such as urban drinking water, development of urban eco-river, water-net management, water ecology, urban water intelligent management, ecological sewage treatment in small towns and cities, which provided advanced experience and new concepts for our urban water sustainable management, especially in terms of sewage treatment and prevention, water security, ecological water protection, thus offering us a new idea to cope with common challenges in the process of Asia-Europe Urban water development.


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