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Budapest Water Summit

Writer: Time:2013-10-14



The Budapest Water Summit concluded on Friday, 11 October. In the morning the Budapest Water Summit continued in plenary with panels addressing investment in and financing of a water related Sustainable Development Goal (SDG), and whether money matters. The Science Forum convened for their closing sessions on financing water and sanitation SDGs and the role of the economy. The Civil Society Forum also addressing financing water and sanitation SDGs, as did the Youth Forum, which also adopted the Youth Statement and commitment to next steps. The Business Leaders Forum heard company presentations. Side events and the Water and Sanitation Expo also took place throughout the morning and lunch.

In the afternoon, plenary convened to discuss the Budapest Water Summit outcome document, "The Budapest Water Summit Statement: A Sustainable World is a Water Secure World." Plenary adopted the statement, which inter alia, calls for development of a dedicated and comprehensive SDG on water, a "Water-Secure World." A closing ceremony then took place and the Summit adjourned at 5:17pm.
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