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Budapest Water Summit issues statement on sustainable development

Writer: Time:2013-10-14

The Budapest Water Summit ended on Friday after participants adopted a statement calling for the establishment of a set of water-specific sustainable development goals to be implemented after 2015.

According to the statement, sustainable development required guaranteed water safety.

The signatories pledged that they would make clean drinking water and proper sanitation facilities to treat water available to all, and would design a comprehensive water management policy allowing trans-border cooperation, a sustainable water supply, food safety, energy security, and environmental protections.

They also pledged to reduce water contamination by boosting treatment and recycling. On another topic, they pledged to seek new methods of managing water-related disasters.

Delivering the closing address to the conference, Hungarian Foreign Minister Janos Martonyi called for water to become a source of cooperation, not conflict. He underlined that the United Nations post-2015 development goals needed to include one that is specific to water.

Martonyi stressed that it was high time to pay increased attention to the issue of the security of water supplies. No country can prevent water-related disasters on their own, he said.

About 1,300 participants from over one hundred countries attended the four-day summit.

The summit was held under the auspices of the Hungarian government, the UN and the World Water Council. It sought consensus on water and sanitation policy goals with the aim of making concrete recommendations for sustainable development goals (SDG) to the next UN General Assembly.