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Gratifying Achievements in Harnessing Water Pollution in Xiangjiang River Basin

Writer: Time:2010-07-09

In May 2008, Hunan Provincial People's Government made a decision to comprehensively harness water pollution in Xiangjiang River basin. Hengyang City Government after that time attached great importance and made a comprehensive plan, distributing the tasks to people's government at county and city levels and signing responsibility letter. After more than one year, reporters from 13 central and provincial news agencies, at the invitation of Organizing Committee of Hengyang City Environmental Protection Inspection Campaign, made a one-day interview in Hengyang on July 6.

The provincial reporting group, consisting of 13 central and provincial news media, was led by Wen Zhiqiang, vice chairman of Environmental and Resources Protection Committee of Hunan Provincial People's Congress and accompanied by Xiao Bing, vice mayor of Hengyang City Government and the principals of Environmental and Resources Protection Committee of Hengyang City People's Congress and Environmental Protection Bureau of Hengyang City. During the interview, the reporting group debriefed the report on the progress of harnessing water pollution in Xiangjiang River in Hengyang City and Changning City. They investigated sewage treatment of the fourth and eighth copper smelting plants of Hunan Shuikoushan Non-ferrous Co., Ltd. In addition, they made field interview at Jixing refuse landfill, the second urban domestic refuse treatment site and sewage treatment plant of west Hengyang.

The reporters fully affirmed the achievements Hengyang City had made in harnessing water pollution in Xiangjiang River basin. In recent two years, Hengyang City has implemented the three-year environmental protection plan including 31 projects with a total investment of 1.3 billion RMB. Hengyang has made great efforts on shutting 32 heavily polluting enterprises with cadmium and arsenic pollution in Shuikoushan area. In the task of environmental pollution treatment, 1.2 billion RMB has been injected into the environmental protection programs and plans to complete 22 projects including fume of lead smelting in Shuikoushan, waste water treatment of the fourth plants and pollution control of Hengyang Iron &Steel. Up to the end of June, the standard-reaching rate of drinking water quality in the urban area of Hengyang reached 97.7% while the number of days with good ambient air quality comes to 180.