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Hunan Takes "Clear Water Action" for Xiangjiang River

Writer: Time:2010-02-18


The "Clear Water Action for Xiangjiang River" aiming at improving the water environment of Xiangjiang River and promoting the construction of Chang-Zhu-Tan pilot area for "Two-oriented Society (resource-conserving & environment friendly)" has made its initial victory on the treatment of 761 pollution enterprises at Xiangjiang River basin.

Xiangjiang River flows from south to north through Changsha, Zhuzhou and Xiangtan which are at a distance of no more than 40 km from each other and thus jointly form an irreplaceable core of economic and social development of Hunan Province. However, along with the great progress of urbanization and industrialization as well as large scale development of livestock and poultry breeding in recent years, Xiangjing River basin calls for the highest attention of the whole Hunan Province in increasingly serious problem of environment pollution.

According to the data, 50 percent of 40 provincial control water quality monitoring sections at Xiangjiang River basin were of excess standard in 2007, with the emission of SO2 and COD respectively accounting for 68% and 59% of the total emission of Hunan Province.

In order to make Xiangjiang River clean and clear, the "Clear Water Action for Xiangjiang River" with an investment of 17.4 billion Yuan and covering the whole Xiangjiang River basin within Hunan Province was comprehensively launched from June, 2008. This is an unprecedented pollution treatment in Hunan's history which strives to make Xiangjiang River to come up to the water quality standard through three-year comprehensive treatment.

As the Bureau of Environmental Protection of Hunan Province announces, through the measures of regulation and integration, banning or eliminating a number of illegal and less developed enterprises, and compelling those with the serious problem of environment pollution to stop production to make renovation, 761 pollution enterprises have been regulated, so that the target of Xiangjiang River treatment at the first stage has been reached. Besides, the treatment of over 60 continuous pollution projects has been completed, which improves the water quality of Xiangjiang River stably.

According to the target of the 11th Five-Year Plan of Hunan's economic and social development, the GDP of Xiangjiang River basin in 2010 is expected to reach 1.79 times of that in 2005, with the pollutants increasing to 1.33 times.

Governor Zhou Qiang said this special action for water pollution treatment will make effective significance for Hunan's energy saving & emission reduction and biological environment protection, especially for Chang-Zhu-Tan's "Two-oriented Society" construction.