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"Protecting Mother River Project" Achieves Great Success

Writer: Time:2010-03-04
From: http://www.enghunan.gov.cn/

The leading group meeting on "Protecting Mother River Project" of Hunan was held on the morning of Feb. 22. Vice Governor of Hunan Province Han Yongwen attended the meeting.
Initiated in 1999, this special action benefits public welfare, aiming at protecting and improving ecological environment.

Over the past decade, Youth League organizations at all levels across Hunan Province have mobilized a large number of Youth League members to plant trees. Since the practice, more than 42 million yuan has been injected in improving the ecological environment with an afforestation area of 3,990,000 mu (about 266,000 hectares). Besides, the number of county-level green demonstration bases across the province has surpassed 80.

This year, the campaign will be themed with "forging green Hunan, constructing 'Two-oriented' Society". A series of activities will be carried out including the launch ceremony of commitment by millions of teenagers to protecting the mother river, launching of the dedicated website on protecting our mother river in Hunan and establishing an ecological station to monitor and supervise the water quality of "one lake and four rivers" (namely, Dongting Lake as well as Xiangjiang River, Zishui River, Yuanshui River and Lishui River) by young people. In addition, national competitions in photography, painting, video making and on-line essay writing will be staged for the young