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Japanese Volunteers Plant Trees in North of Hunan

Writer: Time:2010-03-24
From: http://www.enghunan.gov.cn/

Jointly organized by the Central Committee of China Communist Youth League (CYL) and the National Youth Federation, the 4th Mother River Protection Operation & Sino-Japan Youth Ecological Afforestation Project,aided by Obuchi Fund, was launched on Mar.22. Over 200 volunteers from Japan and Xiangyin County participated in the event


The project started in 2008 with the support of the Obuchi Fund, as the forth-phase in Xingyin County. This year’s afforestation size is planned to be of 140 hectares, and the demonstrative ecological forest base by the Chinese and Japanese youth estimated to hit 523 hectares.

Though struck by earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the 5 recruited volunteers reached Xiangyin County on schedule, told Eiji Suzuki, head of the delegation.

The fund was made at the proposal of the late Japanese Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi in 1999 during his visit to China, aiming at subsidizing the tree planting activities for Japanese non-governmental organizations and China’s society along the middle and upper reaches of the Yangtze River and the Yellow River in a bid to maintain a friendly and sustainable development with China.