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360 Mln Yuan to Treat Heavy Metal Pollution in Xiangjiang River Zhuzhou Section

Writer: Time:2010-03-04
From: http://www.enghunan.gov.cn/

On June 9, 2010, Qingshuitang heavy metal pollution treatment project in the Shifeng District of Zhuzhou City, a national key project for heavy metal pollution treatment in the Xiangjiang river basin, was started with an estimated construction period of 18 months and a total investment of 360 million yuan. Upon the completion of the project, the industrial wastewater and domestic sewage within the core area of 16 square kilometers around Qingshuitang will get advanced treatment.


The project includes building a new industrial wastewater treatment system with a daily capacity of 30,000 cubic meters per day, renovating the Xiawan Sewage Treatment Plant with a daily wastewater treatment capacity of 70,000 cubic meters and constructing the supporting industrial wastewater networks and domestic sewage networks, updating pump stations, building a new on-line wastewater quality monitoring system, and setting up accident buffer pools to prevent and handle emergent pollution accidents.

17 wastewater outfalls for enterprises and 7 direct sewage outfalls to Xiangjiang River will be closed, aiming at one outlet to Xiangjiang River after the regional pollution treatment