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Sino-France Forum on Eco-remediation, Prevention and Control of Acid Mine Wastewater Consummated in Changsha, China

Co-organized by ASEM Water Resources Research and Development Center (ASEMWater), French Geological Survey (BRGM) and DREAM Cluster, Sino-France Forum on Eco-remediation, Prevention and Control of Acid Mine Wastewater (Forum) was held in Changsha, China on 28 June. Industrial professionals from both China and France all provided new mentality and technology sharing for the treatment of acid mine drainage (AMD). Ms. Liu Qi, Executive Secretary General of ASEMWater, and Mr. Olivier Guyonvarch, General Consul of France in Wuhan attended the Forum.


Group Photo


Ms. Liu Qi, Executive Secretary General of ASEMWater Addressing


Mr. Olivier Guyonvarch, General Consul of France in Wuhan Addressing

During the Forum, Mr. Peng Qinghui, Deputy Director of the Secretariat Office of the ASEMWater made a report with the topic of A New Approach for China-France Cooperation in Water Science and Technology Innovation, elaborating on ATIM-Hunan Project, an international cooperation project between China and France. By means of adopting microbial treatment for heavy metal wastewater, ATIM-Hunan Project aims to pool together innovative knowledge, human resources, capital, policy and other elements to create a beneficial model of cooperation characterized by the chain of knowledge-whole value-innovation for industry-university-research-application cooperation. Team members of the Project shared all the accomplishments achieved and experience practiced in such aspects of the Project as mutual visits of researchers, joint R&D of technology, environmental education, market development and etc. Afterwards, 10 experts from China and France made remarkable keynote speeches concerning the topics of characterization of mining areas in Hunan Province and their impact on river sediments: an example of French-Chinese and public-private collaboration and introduction to technology experience relevant to eco-remediation, prevention and control of acid mine wastewater.


 A New Approach for China-France Cooperation in Water Science and Technology Innovation” by Dr. Peng Qinghui, Deputy director of ASEMWater


 “ATIM-Hunan Project——Mitigation of the Impact of Mining Areas in Hunan Province” by Professor Fabienne BATTAGLIA-BRUNET from BRGM


Professor Marc DESMET from GeHCO


 “Impact Assessment of heavy metal pollution in Mining Area Basin and Biological Treatment Technology of AMD” by Professor Luo Lin, Head of College of Resources and Environment of Hunan Agricultural University 



   In the afternoon, 2 students from Central South University and Hunan Agricultural University in Changsha being exchanged to French universities shared their study and life experiences in France. Later, in Event 3—Science Cafe for Technical Presentation and Cooperation, all the representatives were divided into 3 groups for discussion respectively. Representatives raised heated discussions on water pollution control and basin water environment management; soil pollution restoration and management; and pollution control and risk assessment of sediments.


“Internship Experience in BRGM, France According to the Project ATIM-Hunan” by PhD student Zhang Fengfeng


 “Chinese Student Exchange Experience Communication” by Graduate student Zhang Mengxue 


  “Treatment Technology and Project Cases of the Black and Odorous Water Body” by Mr. Zhu Chunyou, Dr. from Aerospace Kaitian Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.


Remediation and Management of Soil Pollution by Mr. Liu Renhe, Head of Research and Design Institute of Yonker Environmental Protection Co., Ltd.



“Development of a Passive Water Treatment Process Based on Biological Oxidation of AsIII and Co-precipitation of AsV with Fe Hydroxides” by Mr. Jérôme JACOB, engineer from BRGM


 Science Cafe





Being a major subject, the integrated management of AMD and tailings has been paid close attention to and worthy of deep study and research by academia, industry and the whole society. This Forum served as a new communication platform in the filed of eco-remediation, prevention and control of (AMD) for both sides of China and France. Through in-depth exchanges, business cooperation and matching, challenges encountered by the treatment of AMD were explored; good practices and experience, shared; and solutions, sought; thus opening a brand-new chapter of science and technology cooperation for ecological and environmental protection between Asia and Europe.
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