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ASEM Seminar on Urban Water Management - Panel II/B

Panel II/B: Experience in Urban Water Development and Utilization at Regional and National Level

Moderator: Dr. Carlos Tortola, Chief Economic and Commercial Counselor, Consulate General of Spain in Guangzhou

1. Facilitating More Effective EU-China Water and Science Technology Cooperation: Outlooks for Assessing Gaps and Opportunities in the Current Landscape by Mr. Josh Weinberg, Program Manager of the Stockholm International Water Institute, Sweden

2. The International Centre for Advances Studies for River-Sea Systems by Dr. Manuela Sidoroff, General Director of the National Institute Research and Development for Biological Sciences, Romania

3. Spanish Solutions for Sustainable Urban Water Management by Dr. Carlos Tortola, Chief Economic and Commercial Counselor of Consulate General of Spain in Guangzhou, Spain

4. New Ideas about Solution to Urban Water Problems: Cherishing and Rational Use of Geomorphic Resources by Dr. Mao Dehua, Professor of Hunan Normal University, China

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