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ASEM Seminar on Urban Water Management - Panel I/B


Panel I/B: Social Cooperation Networking & Case Study

Moderator: Mr. Zhang Shouting, Chairman of Nordic Sustainable Development Association, Sweden

1. Technology Research Cooperation between China and Hungary on Prevention of Pollution Caused by Contaminated Surface Runoff from Highways by Mr. Karoly Kovacs, President of European Water Association

2. The Innovation of Professional Network Platform and Social Cooperation Model for Innovative Solutions to Environmental Challenges by Dr. Zhang Shouting, Chairman of Nordic Sustainable Development Association and Chief Representative of RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden) for China, Sweden

3. Transitioning to a Resource Recovery Focus in the Wastewater Sector: New Innovations and Lessons from Sweden by Ms. Jennifer McConville, Researcher of SP(RISE) Technical Research Institute of Sweden, Sweden

4. Strengthening Asia-Europe Collaboration on Sustainable Development by Ms. Sunkyoung LEE, Acting Director of Political and Economic Department (Representative of Executive Director) of the Asia-Europe Foundation(ASEF)

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