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Shanghai Urban Water Environment Quality Improvement Technology and Comprehensive Demonstration

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Shanghai Academy of Environmental Sciences

According to the current sharp conflicts of water environment in Shanghai, focusing on improving water quality as a breakthrough in its outskirts areas, it carries out the study of improving the environmental quality of urban water technology and comprehensive demonstration .

(1) Through the research of system integration technology development and comprehensive demonstration, it establishes the ecological treatment of sewage, water purification and water ecosystems to improve the technology at the core of the downtown rivers, environment and landscape of rural water technology system to improve water quality.

(2) Based on the cluster distribution of economic in rural water and rural areas and the technical and management characteristics of relative backward, it makes a research in developing a number of small-scaled sewage treatment technology and facilities under distinctive local conditions, considering the sewage treatment efficiency, low running cost investment, simple and practical operation and management in outskirts areas for domestic sewage treatment ,and it establishes the wastewater treatment process for various types of research trials in the test base. Comprehensive assessment of economy and technology has been made .Its process optimization and portfolio has been carried out. It constructs the demonstration project of wetland wastewater treatment in the artificial wetland park wastewater areas for Chongming forest tourism.

(3) Based on the characteristics of the southern plain river network in its urban water environment and the landscape which is relatively closed to maintain water quality and water ecosystems and the maintenance requirements, it makes a research of the development of the effect of significantly improving the water quality of the landscape river water with purifying technology and equipment, and restore aquatic ecosystem function for the purpose of enhancing the biological diversity of the set of aeration, coagulation and sedimentation, microbial treatment, decontaminating water ecological landscape reconstruction and optimization technology. Based on the completion of the Suzhou Creek Park, it takes the application of established methods of soil bio-engineering field test of ecological river base in technology optimized portfolio and the landscape Mengqing biological water purification system demonstration project. In the Chongming Forest Tourism Park demonstration wetland sewage treatment works, the sewage treatment capacity is 3000 m3 / d, its tail water discharge reaches or surpasses the national emission standard of level B, comparing with the same size conventional sewage treatment process, its construction costs are less than 80% of that, its operating costs is less than 50% of that. clean water biological purification system demonstration project The Dream Landscape Garden in Suzhou Creek, covering 8.6 hectares purifies water by 100 m3 / h. Compared with the Suzhou River water quality, the water quality in the systems is one level higher than that, and its water ecosystem biological diversity index increases by 13 % to 26%.

Key words: urban water environment; water quality; sewage treatment