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Yantai City Water Environment Construction and Measures

Xiao-motian, Zhang lei, Shi bensheng, Xu linfFei, Sun hongyan, Li xiujiang, Tan dingshan Qian hou Water Technology Extension Station of Yantai City

Based in Yantai City Water Environment Construction, this subject carries out strategies and measures study.of Yantai City, summing up the subject of water environment achievements and problems of water environment It proposes the guiding ideology and basic principles in water environment construction, formulating the following sixteen measures , namely of , saving water; strengthening water pollution control and improving the level of sewage wastewater reuse; increasing the flood prevention measures to improve the anti-risk ability, reducing natural disasters; implementing integrated water resources management and joint operation; strengthening water conservation, improving water quality with rational development and use of local water resources and construction of water diversion project in south-eastern Jiaodong areas, fully developing the use of other water resources in its irrigation areas and the transformation; improving state environmental protection and restoration of water; proper handling of resettlement issues; solving the problem of rural drinking water safety and soil and water conservation while constructing water parks, taking water information and special emergency measures in drought years ".

Key words: Yantai; water environment; water