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Typical Bohai Coastal Habitat Restoration Techniques

Authors: Meng wei, Wu xing, Ding dewen, Bing-hui zheng, Xiao-ning li, Shuang-lin dong,
Tao Jianhua, Chen huibin
Tianjin Academy of Environmental Sciences;
China Environmental Science Research Institute; Ocean University of China;
Tianjin University;
State Oceanic Administration,
First National Institute of Oceanography;
Tianjin University of Technology

Based on the serious degradation of coastal habitats of the actual situation in Bohai Bay , this project aims at achieving scientific and quantitative habitat restoration of coastal zone. It constructs the technical system framework of coastal habitat restoration from the following aspects of technology research level , technology demonstration level and coordination of t of management, ranging from biotechnology, engineering technology and management skills, hopes that the habitat restoration integrated technology system will be eventually formed .

Meaning of the project:
The project selects the typical muddy coastal zone of Bohai rim and takes the habitat degradation diagnosis as a start line, establishes dynamic monitoring methods of habitat restoration for coastal degradation and tries to research the key technology of recovering biological environments and resources and therefore carries out its model projects. It also carries out beach habitat restoration and the overall study of economic development It puts out the proposal of coordinated development of economy and ecological environment .This project plays a very important role in safeguarding the environment and ecology of Bohai rim and promoting the socio-economic development of the Bohai rim..

Main findings, Inventions and Innovations:
(1) Combining with geographic information systems and landscape ecology, this project makes a diagnosis of coastal zone degradation, dynamic monitoring technology Innovation of coastal habitat degradation and wetland habitat restoration technology research and development and integration.

2 ) It invents the coastal heavy-soil-saline ,low-cost and fast ecology reconstruction technology and development and integration of directed situ remediation of contaminated habitats of plants and microbiology

(3) The establishment of a typical coastal habitat restoration and economic development of the evaluation index system creates a coastal habitat restoration management and economic development model and software.

The results achieved:
It sets the scientific basis for the investigation of the national status of coastal habitat degradation assessment. Habitat restoration measures adopted for the environmental protection department will become a new means of ecological and environmental protection. The project can promote the formation of the industrial chain, and create social employment opportunities and improve the coastal ecological landscape environment. The results of the project and the proposed coastal habitat restoration programs and economic development as a whole, has important reference value for the plans of Tianjin’s development .

Keywords: habitat; coastal zone; remediation; Bohai Sea