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Survey of Wetland Resources in Shanxi Province

Author: Zhang Longsheng, Liu shan, Song bowei, Wang ruqing, Yang fengying
Conservation Engineering Management Centre in Shanxi Province
This project is a biodiversity research and basic research in the field of sustainable development. It fills the provincial gaps in the comprehensive study of wetlands. This project is the first systematic exposition of wetland biological resources. It reveals the status of lands in the province and the reasons of being threatened and thus puts forward the countermeasures of protecting the wetland biological resources. It sorts out through survey for the first time the name list of animals, plants and aquatics in Shanxi wetlands, that’s more than 1700 kinds. Especially, it discovers four new species of birds in Shanxi Provincial records. Its survey report also describes the distribution and reserve of some important material resources. Particularly, this project makes a survey in 25 main habitats and resting sites in the province of the species and numbers of the waterfowls, which is of great importance in further developing waterfowls’ living circumstances and monitoring their mass dynamics activities. The research results have reached the international advanced level of similar studies.

Key words: Shanxi; land resources survey; wetlands