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New Model of Small Rivers’ Management in Northeastern Regions

Author: Survey Design and Research in the Northeast Water Co., Ltd.

This study has obtained the following achievements..
(1) This study carries out the three topics, controlling model of streams and small rivers in northeast areas, small river training program of numerical simulation and optimization and the database of key technology of small watershed management, which have been putting into application in practical engineering.
(2) Using the water resources optimization theory, considering the characteristics of northern rivers, through the analysis of the amount of Taoer River basin’s water inflow and water consumption, flood components and optimal operation in Charlson reservoir, it provides technical support for the realization of flood resources and makes innovation of management model in achieving sustainable development of the northeast valley community
3) The database of key technology in integrated watershed management in the northeast includes the natural profile in the northeast region, soil and water conservation measures for comprehensive management , distribution and management of water resources, water pollution control, small watershed management model and other aspects. Mature technology formed for many years in northeast China has been e promoted.
(4) Using and expanding the domestic and foreign "Milti-building of natural river construction" concept , from the following aspects of the utilization of water resources, river hydrodynamics, river form design, selection of the form of shore protection, beach use, water conservation planning and construction of water culture, it makes a study for the first time on the northeast urban river restoration and then puts forward the model of comprehensive control of urban rivers in northeast China's. Its results are of practical and promotional value. Meanwhile, the results have been applied to the comprehensive management,of Puhe river in Shenyang city and Yongchun River in Changchun City, and have achieved a better social, economic and environmental benefits.
(5)Tthe research results in the optimal operation of reservoirs, software developed, one-dimensional and two-dimensional hydrodynamic model have a wide range of application and have been used in operation of Songliao basin flood control .

Key words: small and medium rivers; governance; Northeast Region