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Dianshan Lake Water Environment Protection Program - Water Environmental Capacity and Planning Programs (water)

Authors: Fang yuzhi, Song yongchang., Zheng Jiaxiang, Wang zhongyuan
East China Normal University

The results of the study include:
(1) Using with the lake closed synchronized testing methods, it finds out for the first time in more detail the Dianshan hydrology and hydrological dynamics of the law;
(2) The 8830 test data have been treated with standardization. It puts out the local water quality standards of Dianshan Lake
(3) According to the nitrogen, phosphorus data, it confirms the phosphorus is the limiting factor
Of Dianshan Lakes’ eutrophication and that Dianshan Lake is a eutrophic lake;
(4 ) with trace mercury testing method and a box model mercury dynamics , it makes the current
lake preliminary projections for the future level of control and provides the basis for mercury;
(5) Using dobbins model ,it makes an oxygen dynamics and the current trend of the lake's projections.This research is of great value in protecting the upper stream water in the Huangpu river .

Key words: Dianshan; hydrological regional analysis; hydrochemistry; environmental monitoring; water quality management; environmental quality; water conservation