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Study on Hanjiang River Rational Exploitation of Resources and Economic Development

Authors: Cai shuming, Chen guojie, Yang dingguo, Li rendong, Li fabin,
Zheng yuanchang,Lu xiqi, Fu yunxing, He sudi, Du yun
Institute of Geodesy and Geophysics;
Cheng du Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment

Abstract: Using multi-disciplinary theories and methods, this study makes an extensive outdoor investigation in resources and environmental conditions of the Han River basin, agricultural, industrial, urban, investment environment, ecological environment and water diversion project for the Middle District of flood control, navigation, industrial and agricultural and town water, immigration issues, the impact on the ecology and environment and other aspects of a great deal of field research. At the same time it collects data and gives laboratory analysis and putting them in good order. It has obtained more comprehensive and systematic understanding of the regional status, advantages, problems and future trends of these areas. This basin is the "drive shaft" of the basin in the Hubei, Henan, Shanxi provinces' economic development .The Han River corridor characterized automobile industrial belt along the Yangtze River economic zone is becoming an important part The regional economy centered in the basin Xiangyang plays an important role in linking the east and west and mixing north and south. Water diversion from the Danjiangkou reservoir, will make a significant contribution to solving the problems of drought and water shortage in Beijing, Tianjin and northern China and promoting economic development in the North. The Han River watershed in the Yangtze River Basin occupies a pivotal position in the status of China's national economy and it will become increasingly important Guided by the thoughts of sustained development and unbalanced growth of economy, aiming at achieving the two changes and striving to the unity of local conditions and market economy, this study puts forwards the target of national economic development and the strategies of social development and environmental protection objectives, implementation strategies, programs, strategies and measures of economic development and the environment of the basin in coordination proposed integrated environmental management, ecological construction, environmental management focusing on decision-making recommendations, and finally comes to the conclusion that it is very important to enhance the building of environment t.

Key words: natural resource development, ecological balance, environmental protection, economic management, natural resource conservation, watershed