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Strategic Research on Sustainable Development of Water Resource in China

Project Group of "Strategic Research on Sustainable Development of Water Resource in China 21st Century", Chinese Academy of Engineering
(Chinese Academy of Engineering, Beijing 100038,China)

Abstract: China has 28000×108 m3 water resource in general, but in average, it is 2220 m3 calculate with population in 1997. The population will rise to 16×108 m3 with average water resource of 1760 m3 in 2030. It is demonstrated by international standard that the Country with the population average water resource less than 1700 m3 is the water stressed Country. It gives China a difficult water resource future. Therefore, the integrated water resource strategy of China must be based on water sustainable utilization and economical sustainable development. The change should be happened strategically in flood protection and disaster reduction; agriculture, urban and industrial water usage; water pollution protection and ecological environment building; water resource balance; and water problem in North and Northwest of China. Water resource management system, water resource investigation system and water price policy must be reform in parallel.