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Water Culture

World Water Day is a festival appointed at the end of the 20th century. To meet increasing water demand of people's daily life, business and agriculture, the United Nations has long been committed to resolving the global water crisis. In 1977, United Nations Water Conference issued a stern warning to the world that water would soon become a profound social crisis after the oil crisis. And on January 18th, 1993, the forty-seventh United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution appointing each year on March 22 as World Water Day.

2.1 Themes of Previous World Water Day
1995: Women and Water
1996: Water for Thirsty Cities
1997: Water Scarcity
1998: Groundwater - The Invisible Resource
1999: Everyone Lives Downstream
2000: Water for the 21st Century
2001: Water for Health
2002: Water for Development
2003: Water for the Future
2004: Water and Disasters
2005: Water for Life
2006: Water and Culture
2007: Coping with Water Scarcity
2008: Water Sanitation
2009: Transboundary Water: Sharing Water, Sharing Opportunities
2010: Communicating Water Quality Challenges and Opportunities
2011: Water for Cities
2012: Water and Food Security
2013: International Year of Water Cooperation
2014: Water and Energy
2015: Water and Sustainable Development
2016: Better Water, Better Jobs
2017: Why Wastewater?

Similarly, after the promulgation of the Water Law of the People’s Republic of China in 1988, the Ministry of Water Resources of China designated July 1 to 7 each year as “China Water Week”. Considering "World Water Day" and "China Water Week" basically share the same theme and content, the Ministry of Water Resources changed the date of “China Water Week” into March 22 to 28 each year since 1994, which can further propagate and highlight the theme of "World Water Day”.

2.2 Themes of Previous China Water Week
1996: Managing Water According to Law, Managing Water Resources Scientifically, and Intensifying Water Conservation;
1997: Water and Development;
1998: Managing Water According to Law—Promoting Sustainable Utilization of Water Resources
1999: Treatment on Rivers and Lakes is the Key of Flood Control;
2000: Strengthening the Conservation and Protection of Water Resources for Sustainable Utilization of Water Resources
2001: Establishing a Water-saving Society for Sustainable Development
2002: Sustainable Utilization of Water Resources for Sustainable Social-Economic Development
2003: Managing Water According to Law for Sustainable Utilization of Water Resources
2004: Harmony between Water Resources and Human
2005: Safeguarding Drinking Water Safety and Ensuring a Healthy Life
2006: Changing Water Use Concept and Innovating Development Pattern;
2007: Hydropower Development and Harmonious Society
2008: Developing Hydropower, Improving People’s Livelihood
2009: Implementing the Scientific Outlook on Development for Conserving and Protecting Water Resources
2010: Implementing Strict Water Management System for Securing Sustainable Development
2011: Implementing Strict Water Resources Management and Achieving New Growth of Water Development

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