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Wetland Habitats: A Practical Guide to Restoration and Management

Author: Nick Romanowski

Publisher: CSIRO Publishing

Publication date: 2010-10

Abstract: Wetland Habitats is a practical manual that puts developments in the field of wetland restoration and conservation of diverse animal species into plain English, placing much of the more recent work in this field into a single, coherent and user-friendly framework. As with Planting Wetlands and Dams, the text explains the various approaches to and aspects of each problem, so that readers will be able to make informed decisions about managing wetlands on their own properties.
Although the examples are drawn from a wide range of wetland animals, including some which aren't necessarily found in wetlands on private properties, the primary emphasis will be on species and aspects of management that are likely to be of most use to landholders with wetlands to be restored, or species in need of conservation.
Key features:
• Reversing the effects of drainage, grazing, weirs, deteriorating water quality and associated algal problems, and allowing for global warming and sea level rises;
• Setting realistic targets for wetland restoration and longer-term goals for management;
• Understanding natural change in wetlands – seasonal, ecological and chemical.