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Scientific Allocation of Water Resources

Author: Buras, Nathan

Publisher: American Elsevier Publishing Company, Inc., New York, 1972.

Abstract: Oriented for higher education students, researchers, practicing engineers and planners, this book surveys the state of the art of water resources engineering. A broad spectrum of issues is embraced in the treatment of water resources: quantity aspects as well as quality aspects within a systems approach. Using a rational mode for water resources development and utilization, the text opens with a definition of the field of water resources engineering, emphasizing its natural and social sciences components, and suggesting a systems approach to solving the complexity of problems within the field. Problems in water resources engineering are treated in three broad categories: development, design, and operational problems, together with the application of operations research methods. Linear and dynamic programming are discussed, indicating their components, application, and use in a wide variety of systems. Before concluding the monograph, a separate chapter deals with simulation techniques, introducing methods as Monte Carlo and synthetic hydrology. References and appropriate indexes are provided. (BL)