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Monitoring of Vertebrate and Bird Resources in Dongting Lake

Author: Xuejian Deng

Publisher: Hunan normal university press

Publication date: 2007-11-1

Abstract: On the basis of distilled findings of the investigations conducted by the author over the past three decades, the present book summarizes the information the author has provided to the GEF funded project "Wetland Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Use in China", featuring the appropriate methodology and tools for monitoring vertebrates inhabiting Dongting Lake wetland Moreover, a tabulated relationship between the monitoring objectives and affecting factors is demonstrated. Alongside an account of the avian resources of Dongting Lake, the identification features and habits of Up to 255 species of birds living in Dongting Lake are provided with the aid of drawings, photographs and descriptions, Furthermore, pictures of some indicator species of fish are presented. Through monitoring, changes that occur in the Dongting wetland ecosystem can be spotted in due course and subsequently corresponding measures can be adopted. This book is of down to earth significance to wetland conservation and sustainable development in the Dongting Lake basin.
This book can serve as a guide book to wetland vertebrate monitoring, and also can be used as a reference by monitoring staff, bird watching enthusiasts and relevant government decision-making sectors in relation to resources conservation in Dongting Lake.