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Rain Water Utilization in China

Pute Wu, Hao Feng;
Yellow River Water Resource Pressing, 2009

Abstract: There is already systemically discussion about concepts and technical type relate to rainwater utilization in the rainwater utilization basic theory research sector. The rainwater reuse potential analysis in typical region and the environment efforts after rainwater reuse are also mentioned. Therefore, the spatial partition maps of China rainwater reuse is founded based on macro perspective, and provided strong basic theory support for rainwater reuse technology application. The rainwater reuse technology is demonstrated and promoted in Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Sichuan, Gansu, Ningxia, Beijing and Taiwan, and proved to have conspicuous economical, ecological and social effects. Our organization prepared this book in order to show the rainwater reuse research status in China, and summarized rainwater research result and practical produce experience. It also promoted the sustainable water and soil resource utilization and rainwater reuse, and gave the clear view and attitude of development. In total, this book prepared the practical experiences to professional engineers and promoted the deep research into rainwater reuse.