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Waste Water Agriculture Utilization

Yaoguang Ma, Bolin Ma;
Yangling National Irrigation Engineering and Technology Center;
Chemical Industry Pressing, 2006

Abstract: This book systematically introduced the water quality characteristics of wastewater and its environmental effects and the main methods of saving water and cleaner production. It explained the resource utilization approach and methodology of industrial wastewater and household wastewater using in agriculture irrigation, aquaculture, groundwater artificial irrigation, and organic fertilizer processing and agriculture energy. Furthermore, this book introduced the basic method of the safety water (Fangxinshui) reuse and non-hazardous sanitary disposal and environment management of waster water disposal. The principle of this book is mainly on integrated practical of waster water reuse and environmental target management. In general, this book is suitable for engineer and teacher and student in the area of company management, city planning, water resource exploring and environmental protection.